Friday, February 28, 2014

Creative Influences - The Haunters Part 2 - Krough

Krough from or Kevin Rough of in the real world was one of the haunters who inspired me most when I was starting out. His approach to prop making was haunt as fine art (in my observation). He wasn't just trying to fill the yard. He took paper clay and paint and monster mud and made carefully crafted monsters. Above is Lo Pan a brilliant monster mud creation that won the Monster Mud Mayhem contest on Haunt Forum in 2007. What makes this prop great is that is is a prop and a small set. This starts to create a small world around the prop with it's own mood and sense of location (is he down on the docks by the waters edge or sitting on a pile of coffins playing a farewell tune for the dead?). I have tried to incorporate this into my haunt by building sets around my props like the Carver Creep form 2009:

And now for the prop porn. Enjoy!

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