Thursday, February 27, 2014

Creative Influences - The Haunters Part 1 - DeadSpider

I started looking at DIY Halloween props back in 2004. I was living in a tiny apartment by myself and so I never built anything, but I kept looking every year in the fall. I eventually found and that's when I started to get the worm. This is where I found the haunters that inspired me to start creating. I was going to list them all in this blog but after the first haunter I realized I will have to do one at a time.

Dead Spider was one of the first home haunters who really inspired me. I loved her work. It was made from simple materials like paper clay and mache but had such a sophisticated and finished look. Angie's props are so well detailed, from hair and costume to paint and accessories. However, this one is my favorite.

Hemlock Dench was made for the Hauntforum $20 dollar prop contest in 2007 (also won 1st place).

I loved this prop so much that I can't help but think my entry in the 2008 $20 prop contest was influenced a bit. Wow, that picture might be too colorful.

DeadSpider has been participating in the Fright Fest BC event  Halloween in August . The pictures she takes and post on Flickr are awesome. Go check them out.

FrightFest BC 2012
FrightFest BC 2011
FrightFest BC 2010
FrightFest BC 2009

 She also has a great etsy shop where you can buy baby dragons, potion bottles, and other cool stuff.

I'm gonna stop talking and just post some of her prop porn. Enjoy!


  1. An early influence for me as well. Mr. Dench was the inspiration for my gravedigger, as I recall.

  2. He is brilliant in his posing and costuming all the way down the hair coming out of his wort.

  3. Wow Craig. I just stumbled onto this post and I am beyond flattered at your kind words. Thank you!

    I must say that I have always found your work incredible and inspiring. :)