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Cauldron Creep 3.0 How To - Parts List

If I have sit down and do a cauldron creep how to all at once I am never going to get it done. Too Many other things I have committed to already so I keep putting it off. I know people want to get started on their Cauldron Creep projects so I am going to post this how to in installments.

Update: Download the latest Cauldron Creep 3.0 How-To here.

This is as complete as I can make. You may need a few extras of some bolts, nuts, screws, but this is 99% complete. The PVC lengths here are based on my cauldron creep revison in 2013 which roughly match the dimensions of a "Bucky" skeleton. From The SoCal Valley Haunters Group presentation in March 2014:

Parts list:

Stirring Assembly

10” to 12” section of 3/8 in. W x 1/2 in. H Aluminum C-Channel with 1/16 in. Thick
2” to 3” PCV end cap
2 1” x 1.5” x 3” length of oak, walnut, or other hardwood
2 1” x 1.5” x 2.5” length of oak, walnut, or other hardwood
12” to 18” diameter circle of wood, mdf, or particle board
Plumbers Tape 3/4 in. Galvanized Steel Hanger Strap Wiper Motor (or similar) DC Motor/ LED Light Dimmer (option 1)
ATX power supply from computer (option 2)
1 ¼” drywall or wood screws
3” drywall or wood screws

Cauldron Creep Body

Neck Mechanism

Locktite Thread Adhesive
6 ¼” nuts
1 ¾ by ¼” bolt (neck assembly)
1” by ¼ bolt (neck motor)
2 ¼” washers
4 2” x 10-32 bolts
2 1 ½” x 10-32 bolts
16 10-32 nuts
4’ KO Test Cap (or 4” circle of rigid material 1/16th to 1/8th thick, ABS plastic, Metal, etc)
9” Schedule 40 PVC ½ ID pipe : one 7” section, two 1” sections
1 Schedule 40 PVC ½”ID 4 way Cross
2 Schedule 40 PVC ½”ID 45˚ Elbow
5.5 “ section of 3/4 in Aluminum Flat Bar Stock with 1/8 in. thickness
1” x 1.5” x 7.75” length of oak, walnut, or other hardwood (also used in stirring mechanism)

2001-2008 Dodge Chrysler Heater And A/C Blend Door Actuator 12 volt 5rpm DC motor (now $25-$35 on ebay)

Robust AC Synchronous Motor 110V AC 5/6RPM Geared Motor CW/CCW Torque 4kg (about $5 on ebay)
1 Metric M4 threaded bolt for the AC Sync motor option


2 Eye Ball blanks from or two roll-on deoderant balls from packaging.
2 Common Anode RGB LEDs Radio Shack SKU NUMBER:12760028
3 3 pin mini toggle switches
Electrical wire , red, black, and third color (I use green in my how-to)
thin sheet of plastic or metal (a grocery club card works)
heat shrink tubing or black electrical tape
Schedule 40 PVC ½”ID coupling
Gorilla Glue (must be gorilla glue, which is urethane expanding adhesive)
Plumbers/Epoxy putty

Body and PVC Frame

Schedule 40 PVC ½”ID pipe through out

2 23” lengths for the spine(s)
2 5.5” length for shoulder
2 5.5” length for pelvis
4 1” sections to connect legs and arms to torso
2 10.5” sections for upper arms
2 11.5” sections for forearms
2 28” sections for feet
6 T connectors
5 90˚ elbows
3 45˚ elbows
1 in. x 2 ft. x 10 ft. Poultry Netting
1 ¼” drywall or wood screws
Weed Shield Landscape fabric from Big Lots (it’s terrible for gardening but great for costumes)
spray adhesive
3 Size #2 ball bear cross lock fishing swivel ( for marionette arm at elbow and wrist joints)

Tools Needed:

Wire brush
Hot glue gun
Cordless drill
Drill bits
⅞ Paddle Bit
Driver bits
PVC cutter or saw
Soldering iron and solder
Socket Wrench set (including 10 mm socket)
Wire cutters/strippers
dremel with sanding drum

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