Monday, August 26, 2013

Old time coffin shapes template

I found some tombstone shapes that someone had laid out to fit as many shapes and sizes on a single 4x8 sheet of foamboard. The originals were drawings on graph paper and photographed with a a cellphone. I corrected the distortion in photoshop then re-drew them as vectors. I thought I'd put up here for anyone that wants them. If the original author wants credit just contact me I'll add your name to the files.
Thanks to Jeff from for creating this. You can find his tombstone how-to here.
Download the PDF - Click here.


  1. Wow, thanks for putting in the work to make this template. It'll come in handy!

  2. Hey I'm pretty sure I'm the low tech graph paper guy you are referring to! Lol

    Cheers form ! I'm still alive by the way.... just had a bunch of babies and they are kicking my ass!

    Good to see you guys still at it! Thanks for modernizing the drawings...


  3. If anyone is looking for the pdf. Here is a cached version from the way back machine.

  4. Your PDF link to download the pattern is returning a "404" error. Please fix the link.

  5. looks really great , thanks for the advice .ill be making some soon.