Thursday, July 11, 2013


I'm going to start posting Works in Progress. I have found that seeing other artist work in progress is very revealing about how they work and think. I'm not promising it's awesome but if it helps one person it worth it. This blog exists to repay the debt I owe to other haunters and monster makers who posted their how-to and progress images online.

The Wraiths: These are the going to be the grave robbing Wraiths in the new haunt theme this year. The visual tie in I am working towards in the haunt is the relationship between birds and the way witches look with their long beaks and thin claw like hands. This is something I am trying to work out with sculpture instead of sketches.

The Watchers: This was just a spontaneous sculpt the first time I did it. I was making a prop that points you the right direction to exit my haunt but I didn't want him to look to much like the the main character of the haunt that he will be next to. I ground off the nose the eyebrows and just started putting clay over the face, I liked the way it looks so I started to make some more faceless creatures.


  1. Really glad to see you posting again. The witch haunt is going to be awesome!

  2. Wow, very cool sculpts. I can't wait for your haunt this year!