Monday, October 10, 2011

Like a red moon rising in the dark Autumn night, The Boogey Man cometh..

I am sick as a dog but I can't wait until tomorrow to show you this.

Cauldron Creep has been reborn. He ships tomorrow.

More pics tomorrow.


  1. I wish I had two more hands so I could I give this guy... four gnarled and boney thumbs up!

  2. Awesome! What do you means ships? Is it your creation?

  3. Some smart cookie in WA. commissioned him. Mr. Doppelganger will get this guy in the mail very soon.

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous picture of him - oh man, is it ever good to see you again! I hate hearing that you are sick though - I hope you get well SOON (you KNOW this is October, right?! No time for sick!)

    Commissioning a DC Cauldron Creep. Yeah, I would call that person a smart cookie too!

  5. Grats on finishing man! Can't wait to see more. I don't think I could make stuff like that to sale... it would be like puppies... ya just can't bare to give them away.