Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Well its the busiest time of the year for me and so I have no time to blog it seems, but here's a peek at whats going on in the Devil's Workshop (my kitchen table). Joker's head
Joker's head
A prop for a charity I am working on (but not in). This will be a real gorefest when it's done!

head for sconce corpse
The horrah
I am building three of these guys. They will be corpse sconces, and have flickering LEDs in their eyes and chest cavities.

Ground Breaker up close
Ground Breaker
This guy is finished except for paint. I will be finishing my props and then painting them all at the same time. Why? Because I know exactly how long it will take me to paint something. That leaves time for things I have never done before to play out.

Bakin Monkies!
Finished ribs
Making sculpey ribs
Dead monkey 2.0 is mid construction. He got put on the back burner while I made sure I finished my Volcano. Yeah I said Volcano.

3/4 view of Volcano
Mosaic mountain
Need a moisturizer

To check out the weekly status of Haunted Tiki Island's Construction, go over to our Blog.

I hope to post some props and a preview of HTI 2009 so stay tuned.

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