Monday, July 6, 2009

A Patchwork of Flesh - Sculpture

A Patchwork of Flesh

While reading Ghoul Friday's blog I saw this blog called "A Patchwork of Flesh" which solicits it readers to submit artwork of Frankstein's monster. It's interesting that there is a call to re-imagine the monster based on the description in Mary Shelley's book, and yet almost all of the submissions are based on the Karloff monster from the movies. Oh Well.
So here are two of my soon to-be submissions.
This is my drawing I did when I just had to make something while in the throes of inspiration:

A Patchwork of Flesh - Frankenstien's Monster

Then I made this sculpture (only my third ever):
A Patchwork Of Flesh - Frankestien's Monster

A Patchwork Of Flesh - Frankestien's Monster

A Patchwork Of Flesh - Frankestien's Monster

A Patchwork Of Flesh - Frankestien's Monster

I made him with a 50/50 mix of super sculpey and super sculpey firm. I used a novelty skull for the base/armature/support. I painted him with an airbrush with some washes and brush detailing using acrylics. It might be hard to tell in these pics, but he is only 3 inches tall, I can almost close my hand around him. He took a week to make and three evenings to paint.

My take on this is that to be "The Monster" is to be a jigsaw person, a living jalopy with mismatched parts, always breaking down, and in his case, a gruesome and unending task of repair, whether it be for "new" parts or "salvage". Each patch represents some level of decay or lack of suitable materials on hand at one time. Moldy, dry, leathery, burnt, infected, and some new bits too. I imagine the monster to be forced into a life of horrible acts, to others and to himself just to stay alive, a life in which there is almost no comfort.

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  1. Really great work, you say these are your soon-to-be submissions, are you actually going to send the items by post or should I upload these photos from the blog.
    Cheers, Coop.


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